What is Finna?


finna.fi screenshot


Finna.fi provides free access to material from Finnish museums, libraries and archives.

You can browse and read material available on the web.

You can also renew loans and request material from various libraries in one place.

Finna.fi is your one stop destination for searching the freely available material provided by the partner organisations.


Other Finna search services

Finna is a collection of search services that include several sites in addition to the nationwide finna.fi site. The content included in any organisation-specific site is usually limited to the material of the organisation in question.

Finna is continuously evolving, and it is gradually replacing the user interfaces of all Finnish libraries, archives and museums. At the moment, more than 300 organisations are involved in Finna, the following of which have opened their own Finna search functions:

At the moment, some Finnish libraries, archives and museums are yet to join Finna, but new ones keep enlisting. Our goal is that most national memory organisations, including all public libraries, will adopt Finna by 2020. If your library, archive or museum is not yet a Finna organisation, please contact their customer service.



Digital resources

International, scientific e-materials

The university of applied sciences and university library Finna sites contain international, scientific and electronic library material compiled and provided by an outsourced party for a fee. Most of this material is limited to students and staff of the institutions of higher education in question. Access the digital resources by logging in to your library's Finna website using the username provided by your institution of higher education.



Finna is much more than a search service

Through Finna, you can not only search for material, but also gain access to it. Currently, the following libraries provide functions for reserving material, renewing loans and other activities in Finna:

After logging in to Finna these functions are available to you with a library card for the library in question.

An application for browsing archive material, that requires permission to use, can be made through links found in Finna content data.

In the future, digital museum services will also be available in Finna.



About Finna

User rights

Finna’s catalogue data are freely available, but statutory or contractual restrictions may apply to the digital images and back cover texts displayed in Finna, as well as to the digital content and metadata linked to in Finna. Read more about user rights.

The Finna API

The open interface of the finna.fi service at api.finna.fi brings the metadata produced by participating libraries, archives and museums to the public. This interface also includes links to images and other material that is provided through the finna.fi service, but may be under use restrictions.

Development of Finna

Finna will be developed gradually as new organisations join the service. The beta version of the service was launched in December 2012 and the first official version in October 2013. If you cannot find the information that you are searching for in Finna, check back later to see if it has been added.

Organisations responsible for Finna

The National Library of Finland bears the main responsibility for developing and maintaining Finna, but the actual development work is carried out together with Finna partners. The archives, libraries and museums involved in Finna are responsible for its content. Finna was created as a part of the National Digital Library project (2008-2017) of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Finna software

Finna has been constructed using VuFind and other open-source software, and its source code is freely available to all.